Legacy youth exists through God’s Power to: Cultivate an open-heartedness towards God, Share the cross of Jesus, Bear one another’s burdens, Equip youth with God’s Word, and to Urge them to find their place in His ministry.

Cultivation is term used to describe the process where we “Draw near to God.” This is a continual action as we seek to see God move in our lives and move towards a lifestyle of worship.

Sharing the cross of Jesus should come across in everything we do as a church and youth group. Salvation is rightly termed “the power of God.”

Bearing one another’s burdens is a multi-faceted gem. We seek to develop peer care and accountability amongst the teens and Godly wisdom from intergenerational youth leaders.

Equipping youth with God’s Word is a lost art. We will not be scared of sharing biblical truths and application. Teens hunger for a glimpse of God’s glory.

We will urge and help teens to find their place in the ministry of the local church. The goal is to create reproducing growth amongst our youth and for our young people not to lose their faith upon entering college.

Legacy Meeting Times:

Sunday Mornings 10 AM

Sunday Nights 6:30 PM

Wednesday Nights 6:45 PM